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  • Service Your HVAC System:
    • Schedule a professional maintenance check for your HVAC system to ensure it runs efficiently throughout the year.
  • Clean and Replace Filters:
    • Regularly clean or replace air filters in your HVAC system to maintain good airflow and efficiency.
  • Inspect Insulation:
    • Check attic and wall insulation and add more if needed to improve energy retention.
  • Install Energy-Efficient Windows:
    • Consider upgrading to double-pane or energy-efficient windows to improve insulation.
  • Ventilation:
    • Ensure proper ventilation in your attic to reduce heat buildup and improve overall home temperature regulation.


  • Use Fans and Ventilation:
    • Utilize ceiling fans to create a cooling breeze and use exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms to remove heat and humidity.
  • Close Blinds and Curtains:
    • Close blinds and curtains during the hottest parts of the day to block out direct sunlight and reduce indoor temperatures.
  • Cook Smart:
    • Avoid using the oven on hot days; opt for microwave, stovetop, or outdoor grill to keep the house cooler.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat:
    • Set your thermostat to higher temperatures when you’re away and lower it when you’re home, but avoid drastic temperature changes.
  • Seal Ductwork:
    • Inspect and seal any leaks in your ductwork to ensure cool air is efficiently distributed throughout your home.