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5 Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bill This Summer

1. Give your air conditioner a checkup – or a replacement

One of the most important factors in reducing energy costs and keeping cool is maximizing the efficiency of your cooling systems. Clearing a clogged A/C unit filter can save 5 to 15 percent in energy use, and will help keep the unit in proper working order for longer.

2. Adjust your thermostat

On hot days, “adjusting the thermostat” evokes the feeling of furiously pressing the down arrow on the control panel. Unfortunately, this is also the most efficient way to maximize your energy bill. During the summer months, try to keep your thermostat at a temperature just cool enough to keep you comfortable, and then bump it up a degree. One study found that each degree a thermostat is set above 75⁰F could save 10-15 percent in energy used!

3. Spend time outdoors

I know what you’re thinking – I’m trying to stay cool! But what is summer for other than getting together with friends and enjoying the things we can’t during the colder months? When you’re out of the house, you’re not using energy that would otherwise be used to cool you off. Turning off lights, air-conditioning, and not using energy-consumers like water heating or cooking can help reduce your energy costs. Every minute counts!

4. Unplug devices

When you do decide to get out of the house, unplugging devices from their respective outlets or using smart power strips can help reduce energy costs by eliminating “phantom” or “standby” electricity that appliances, chargers, and standard power strips use, even when not in use.

5. Use fans instead of A/C

We’ve talked a lot about how to make you’re A/C more efficient – but did you know fans use roughly 1/60th the energy of an air conditioner? Ceiling fans can cut back on air conditioning needs, saving up to 40 percent on electricity. Fans, while they don’t cool the air, they pull body heat away from your skin, and can be used in conjunction with air conditioning, letting you raise your thermostat a few degrees and still remain comfortable.